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I make robust, innovative and intelligent graphic and internet designs. End results are standards compliant, accessible, usable and visually pleasing and wonderful. This is achieved through a deep understanding of shared values and needs. Working relationships with my clients are often long-term. The aim is that working with me is collaborative, respectful, personal and enjoyable.

Our recent work...

The Green New Deal Group represent a wide range of expertise relating to the financial, energy and environmental crises faced today. Their mission is to create a positive course of action based on the framework set out in the Green New Deal and pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown. In January 2022 I redesigned their logo, updated their old Wordpress site, and rethemed it.

Always interesting to do report layouts in foreign languages - Arabic and Chinese especially so. I have now done a fair few of these for UN Nutrition - though I am a way off understanding the written language, the rules of text layout and particularly right to left text layout has been a really interesting learning experience. 

Animation produced in July 2021 for Caroline Lucas MP to promote the petition for the Wellbeing Economy. So much fun with After Effects.

The UN Food and Agrculture Organisation produced this comprehensive field manual on Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women. In February 2021, I was contracted to do the design and layout. I organised the food group illustrations and built the design for the final manual around them. We went for a tabbed, folder approach, aiming for good usability by FAO personnel in the field. I liaised via FAO with the Italian printers - a job that was complex and demanding, especially working across languages. The final product is a thing of beauty.

Kinetic text Adobe After Effects video here we come. Made in the summer of 2020 to promote the e-Learning modules on Nutrition Sensitive Agrlculture offered by FAO.