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I make robust, innovative and intelligent video, graphic and internet designs. End results are standards compliant, accessible, usable and visually pleasing and wonderful. This is achieved through a deep understanding of shared values and needs. Working relationships with my clients are often long-term. The aim is that working with me is collaborative, respectful, personal and enjoyable.

Recent projects

After Effects animation for Stay Grounded's Common Destination campaign. A series of 5 short animations covering each project area - here stitched together to create a seamless 2 minute film.

Concept, copywriting, and design of print and digital ads plus roller banners for the ICS Maritime Hub - a meeting place for ICS members located in the heart of the City of London.

The Green New Deal Group represent a wide range of expertise relating to the financial, energy and environmental crises faced today. Their mission is to create a positive course of action based on the framework set out in the Green New Deal and pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown. In January 2022 I redesigned their logo, updated their old Wordpress site, and rethemed it.

Always interesting to do report layouts in foreign languages - Arabic and Chinese especially so. I have now done a fair few of these for UN Nutrition - though I am a way off understanding the written language, the rules of text layout and particularly right to left text layout has been a really interesting learning experience. 

Animation produced in July 2021 for Caroline Lucas MP to promote the petition for the Wellbeing Economy. So much fun with After Effects.